Top 10 Coffee Producers

World’s Coffee production has taken a great leap in the last two decades or so and now it is the most preferable market for investments. Coffee has come a long way from just an ordinary plant and seeds to enter the drawing rooms of almost all the households in the world and saying good morning to one and all.

Because of the stimulation coffee gives, it has grown in popularity drawing people towards it with its taste and fragrance and then making them addicted to it. Now many countries are vying with each other to be the world’s leading producers of coffee.

List of Top 10 Coffee Producers

Now many countries are into the production of coffee entering the zone of bean belt region of coffee. Some of the leading and top coffee producers include Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Cote D Ivoire and Uganda. The coffee growing regions have stable temperature of around 20 degrees centigrade and have rich porous soil. In this global recession and economic slowdown coffee production is the best source of investment for any country or region.

The world leader in the production of green coffee is Brazil and Columbia produces best soft coffee. Vietnam and Brazil are the leading producers of the most popular brand of coffee known as Coffee Robusta. Vietnam is the largest producer of coffee beans of Robusta variety producing around 15 lac tones in the year 2008. The land and agricultural reforms implemented by the Vietnamese government yielded rich dividends.

Brazil is the leading producer of world’s coffee producing 17 lacs in the year of 2008. The encroachment of Amazon forests curtailed its production. Most of the coffee produced is used for export purposes as the country comes only 19th in the consumption of coffee. Ethiopia is also vying hard for claiming the top spot in coffee production but some criticizes its usage of water for cultivation and production of coffee due to the scarcity of water in the region.

Indonesia is the third largest coffee exporter. It is the leader in the production of washed Arabica coffee and is the leading producer of green beans of coffee. With the competition for the top coffee producers is heating up world watches with closed attention. People are very happy with the phenomenon because they are not deprived of rich and delicious tastes of coffees in the near future